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Produced 1942 — 1946 (used until 1960s). BA-64 is based on GAZ-64 and about 9000 units were produced (exact number is not known). In 1943 BA-64B was introduced. It was based on GAZ-67 (successor of GAZ-64). This improved model had larger wheelbase and also a small machine-gun turret was added. Alltogether many versions of this vechicle were produced:

  • BA-64 –  initial open-topped production, based on GAZ-64
  • BA-64B — main production with turret, based on GAZ-67B
  • BASh-64 –  staff vehicle with a variety of armoured compartments
  • BA-64DShK — armed with 12.7mm DShK heavy machine gun
  • BA-64D (prototype only) — personnel carrier for six men
  • BA-64ZhD (prototype only) — two different railcar versions with flanged wheels.
  • BA-64SKh (prototype only) –  half-track with front skis for travel in snow, based on experimental GAZ-60

Engine (GAZ-mm)
Formula  inline 4 cylinder gasoline
Power 50 hp @ 2800 rpm
Displacement 3,285 liters
Fuel tank capacity
Max speed 80 km/h

Lenght 3660 mm
Width 1690 mm
Height 11900 mm
Ground clearance 235 mm

Cerb weight 2360 kg

Primary weapon 7,62 mm DT machine gun with 1260 rounds
Armor 4-15 mm

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