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Produced 1975-1980′s. This very widely used common soviet flatbed truck is part of GAZ-52 family – its shorter version. It can be seen on the streets of some eastern-europe countries pretty commonly even today!

It has many modifications.

Wheels 4×2

Engine (GAZ-52-04)
Formula 6 cylinder gasoline
Displacement 3,485 liters
Perfomance 75hp @ 2600 rpm
Torque 205,9 Nm @ 1400-1600 rpm
Gear box 4+1 speeds
Fuel con sump tion 20 liters/100 km
Top speed  70 km/h

Lenght 5708 mm
Width 2380 mm
Height 2190 mm
Wheel base 3300 mm
Ground clear ance 245 mm
Turning circle radius from front wheel 7500 mm
Turingin circle radius from cerb 8000  mm

Tyre size 7,5-20 inches

Curb weight  2520 kg
Max pay load 2500 kg


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