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Produced in 1965-1983. This is modernized GAZ-53F. It has new engine and bigger payload.

GAZ-53A is a true workhorse of Soviet economy. Even today it is widely used in some countries since it was exported to alomst 50 countries!

GAZ-53A had very many modifications. Firetruck, garbage truck. dump-truck etc.

Wheels 4×2

Engine (ZMZ-53)
Formula V-8 gasoline
Displacement 4,25 liters
Perfomance 115 hp @ 3200 rpm
Compression ratio 6,7
Torque 250 Nm @ 2000-2500 rpm
Gearbox 4+1 speeds
Fuel tank 90 liters
Fuel consumption average 24 liters / 100 km
Fuel type A-76
Top speed 85 km/h

Lenght 6395mm
Width 2380 mm
Height 2220 mm
Wheelbase 3300 mm
Ground clear ance 265 mm
Turning circle radius from front wheel 8000 mm
Tyre size 8,25-20 inches

Cerb weight 3250 kg
Max payload 4000 kg


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