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This is an experimental modification of GAZ-67. The only difference is the closed body which is more convinient for the Russian climate. The body is mostly made of wood. It didn’t go into production but many factories made custom builds based on this design for regular GAZ-67 cars.

Wheels 4×4

Formula  inline 4 cylinder gasoline
Power 50 hp @ 2800 rpm (54 hp for GAZ-64B)
Displacement 3,285 liters
Max speed 90 km/h
Fuel tank 70 liters
Fuel consumption 15 liters/100 km

Lenght 3345 mm
Width 1725 mm
Height 1680 mm
Wheelbase 2100 mm
Ground clearance 210 mm

Cerb weight 1365 kg

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  1. This looks to me like a Jeep Willy knock off. But it is so much cooler! I love to boxy shape, and the three spikes on the hood.

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