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KIM-10 prototype with 2 doors and sticking out headlamps

KIM-10 prototype with 2 doors and sticking out headlamps

Produced 1940-1941. At first KIM-10 was designed as 2 door car and was produced that way. In 1941 Stalin inspected the car and said that it should have 4 doors and that the headlihghts were too old fashioned. Engineers redesigned the car and updated model was named KIM-10-52 but finally only 2 cars were built.

Much later in 1945 KIM-10-50 was built. It had the original 2 door design but had updated headlamps from KIM-10-52. Only 10 unites were built. There is also cabriolet version named KIM-10-51 but only few were built.

Wheels 4×2

Engine (KIM-10)
Formula 4 cylinder gasoline
Displacement 1,17 liters
Perfomance 30 hp@4000 rpm
Compression ratio 5,75:1
Gearbox 3+1 speeds
Fuel tank 32 liters
Fuel consumption 9 liters/100 km
Top speed  90 km/h

Lenght 3960  mm
Width 1480 mm
Height 1650 mm
Wheel base 2385 mm
Turning radius 6300 mm
Ground clearance 210 mm
Track width 1145 mm
Tyre size 5,0-16

Curb weight 840 kg
Gross weight 1120 kg


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