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This bus is the successor of LiAZ-677. Withc this bus enginers tried to fix the shortcomings of previous bus. Now the bus has room for 100 passengers, it has three doors instead of two, new diesel engine which is located in the back, new gearbox etc.

First experimental model were produced in 1982 to be tested in Moscow. Next batch was made in 1985 and serial production started in 1988.

During first production years in 1988-1990 64 buses were produced but then some serious problems with brakes were found and all the busses went to repair.

Production ended in 1995 when new model LiAZ-5256 was launched.

Engine (KamAZ-7408.10)
Formula V8 diesel
Displacement 10,85 liters
Torque 687 Nm @ 1400-1600 rpm
Top speed 75-80 km/h
Fuel tank capacity 238 liters

Lenght 11 360 mm
Width 2500 mm
Height 2935 mm
Turning circle 21 800 mm

Cerb weight 10 650 kg
Full load weight 17 460 kg

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