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Produced 1970-1990. It also may be named ZAZ-969 because at first thats what it was designed to be. But actual production only took place in LuAZ factory so its really LuAZ-969.  Its mechanics are largely based on ZAZ-966 although they were little bit modifed for example the engine was now in front.

In 1979 it the car was updated. It got a bigger 1,2 liter engine. Although it only had 4 more hp it had better torque. In 1980′s it was exported to italy but export versions had better engine from Ford Fiesta 1100.

Although LuAZ-969 doesn’t look like serious offroader and has really small engine it has proven to be a serious offroad machine.

There is also amphibious version that was produced for army LuAZ-967.

Wheels 4×4

Engine (MeMZ-966A)
Formula V4 gasoline, air cooled
Displacement 0,887 liters
Power 30 hp
Compression ratio 6.5:1
Fuel consumption 9 liters/100 km
Fuel tank 34 liters
Fuel type A-76 gasoline
Max speed 75 km/h (3 km/h in water)

Lenght 3270 mm
Width 1640 mm
Height 1770 mm
Wheelbase 1800 mm
Ground clearance 290 mm
Turning radius 5000 mm

Cerb weight 880 kg
Gross weight 1270 kg
Load weight 250 kg



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