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Produced 1965-1977. In 1970 it got an update and was named MAZ-500A. It had 100 mm longer wheelbase and 500kg bigger max payload.

First experimental models were made in 1958 already. One reason that production was delayed was that they were unable to produce the eninges for it earlier. Full production started in 1965 but small amount of cars were produced serially starting from 1963.

Compared to MAZ-200 the engine was now under the cabin making the car a little bit lighter and payload increased by 500kg. In the same time fuel consumption was about 10% lower.

Wheels 4×2

Engine (YaMZ-236)
Formula V6 diesel
Compression ratio 16,5:1
Displacement 11,15  liters
Perfomance 180 hp @ 2100 rpm
Fuel conumption 23 liters/100 km
Fuel tank capacity 200 liters
Top speed when loaded 75 km/h
Gearbox 5+1speed

Lenght 7330 mm
Width 2650 mm
Height 2640 mm
Wheelbase 3850 mm
Ground clearance 295 mm front / 300 mm rear

Cerb weight 6500 kg
Carrying capacity 7500 kg


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