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Pro­duced 1951–1965.   After 1959 the pro­duc­tion of this truck moved to BelAZ fac­tory and after that the truck was renamed to BelAZ-525.

The truck was desinged for extreme pay­loads needed in quarries.

MAZ-E-525D — a trac­tor trailer for scrap­per D-189. Loaded scrap­per needed the sec­ond MAZ-E-525 to push it (one 300 hp engine just wasn’t enough!).
Also trol­ley ver­sion was con­structed. It was much more eco­nom­i­cal but needed elec­tric lines to be built. Truck was pow­ered by 2 230 hp DK-202 elec­tric engines.

Wheels 4×2

Engine (D-12A)
For­mula  V12 Diesel
Dis­place­ment 38,8 liters
300 HP @ 1500 rpm
Torque 150 N*m @ 1200 rpm
Com­pres­sion ratio 15:1
Gear­box 5+1
max speed 30 km/h
Fuel con­sump­tion 135 liters/100 km (18–25 km/h)
Fuel tank 400 liters

Lenght 8220 mm
Width 3220 mm
Height 3675 mm
Wheel­base 4780 mm
Ground clear­ance 460/700 mm (rear/front)
Turn­ing radius 13 800 mm

Weight empty 24 380 kg
Max pay­load 25 000 kg


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