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Produced 1928-1931. This is the first mass produced tank that was designed in Soviet Union. Its design was by no means succesful but it was the the first step in designing new tanks. Total 959 T-18 tanks were produced.

Before new model T-26 was built the T-18 received minor upgrade in 1930. The track plates were improved also some work was done with the engine that now produced 40 hp. It was now called T-18 model 1930. It was a minor update though and the tank remained too slow.

Engine (T-18)
Perfomance 35 hp (26 kw)
Top speed 17 km/h

Lenght 4380 mm
Width 1760 mm
Height 2100 mm

Cerb weight 5900 kg

Armor 6-16mm
Primary weapon 37mm Model 28
Secondary weapon Fyodorov machine gun
Mobility range 50 km

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