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Produced 1940-1958. This is medium sized Soviet tank, that was used in WW2. The designing was satrted in 1937 and by the 1940 it was finished and sent to production.

In its time it was a very important piece of enginering. When it was first built it was considered to be one of the best tanks with its well balanced firepower, mobility, armor and other factors. The downside was that it was very uncomfortable for the crew and its perfomance suffered because of that shomewhat.

Total 84 070 T-34 tanks were built in 18 years.

Engine (V-2-34)
Type V12 diesel
Perfomance 500 hp (370 kw) @ 1800 rpm
Displacement 38,8 liters
Torque 2157 Nm
Top speed 53 km/h
Operational range 400 km

Lenght 6680 mm
Width 3000 mm
Height 2450 mm

Cerb weight 26 500kg

Armor 15-60 mm (bottom 15mm, turrent fron 60 mm, rear 45 mm)
Primary weapon 76,2 mm F-34 tank gun (later model had 85mm ZIS-S-53 gun)
Secondary weapon 2 7,62 mm DT machine guns
Mobility range 50 km

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  1. Last time I checked, tanks aren’t really cars. Technically they are though.

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