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Pro­duced 1958–1965. Its a small truck with just 800 kg car­ry­ing capac­ity and four wheel drive. It has wooden flatbed that opens up three sides. The engine is located under­neath the cabin and is the sam engine that was used in GAZ-M-20 Pobeda.

Wheels 4×4

Engine (M-20)
For­mula  4 cylin­der inline gaso­line
Power 62 hp @ 3800 rpm
Torque 99 lb/ft @2000 rpm
Dis­place­ment 2,43 liters
Com­pres­sion ratio 6,6:1
Fuel tank 55 liters
Fuel type A-72
Fuel con­sump­tion 14 liters/100 km
Max speed 90 km/h

Lenght 4405 mm
Width 2040 mm
Height 2070 mm
Wheel­base 2300 mm
Ground clear­ance 220 mm
Turn­ing radious 6800 mm

Cerb weight 1700 kg
Pay­load 800 kg
Gross weight 2650 kg

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