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Produced 1972-1985. UAZ-469 is military version with higher ground clearance, UAZ-469B is regular version. UAZ-469 is by far the most famous UAZ and even one of the most famous Russian cars.

UAZ-469 replaced GAZ-69. The main advantages of new car were that it was built very simple meaning that it was realiable and also very easy to fix. Also it was able to go through any kind of terrain. It was (and still is) legendary because of its reliability and off-road capabilities. In Soviet Union UAZ-469B (UAZ-469 also naturally) wasn’t available for private buyers.

UAZ-469 was very widely used in Soviet army

Engine (UMZ-451M)

For mula  4 cylinder inline gasoline
Power 75 hp @ 4000 rpm
Torque 123 lb/ft @2200 rpm
Displace ment 2,446 liters
Compression ratio 6,7:1
Gearbox 4+1 x 2 speeds
Fuel tank 2×39 liters
Fuel type A-76
Fuel con sump tion 10,6 liters/100 km city cycle
Max speed 100 km/h

Mea sures
Lenght 4025 mm
Width 1785 mm
Height 1990 mm (2050 mm UAZ-469)
Wheelbase 2380 mm
Ground clear ance 220 mm (300 mm UAZ-469)
Tyre size 15,0-215

Cerb weight 1540 kg (1650 kg UAZ-469)
Gross weight 2290 kg (2450 kg UAZ-469)

Breaking distance 32-0 km/h 6,1 meters

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