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Produced 1946-1952. Its actually ZIS-21 but now produced in UralZIS factory.  In 1952-1955 UralZIS produced little bit modified model UralZIS352.

This truck is based on ZIS-5 but its powered by gas generator (firewood was used to power the car). Because of this it has low power and speed, it is difficult to service and not so easy to start up. But because the lack of gasoline in some north regions this truck was unsubstitutable.

Wheels 4×2

Formula 6 cylinder gas
Displacement 5,555 liters
Perfomance 45 hp @ 2400 rpm
Gearbox 4 speeds
Top speed 45 km/h

Lenght 6090 mm
Width 2260 mm
Height 2260 mm
Wheel base 3810 mm
Ground clearance 245 mm

Curb weight 2500 kg


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