VAZ-1111 “oka”

VAZ-1111 “oka”

Pro­duced from 1989. Its very cheap and sim­ple car for peo­ple who oth­er­wise couldn’t afford a car at all.

Wheels 4×2

For­mula 2 cylin­der inline gaso­line
Dis­place­ment 0,75 liters
Per­fo­mance 29 hp@ 5600 rpm
Com­pres­sion ratio 9,9:1
Accel­er­a­tion 0–100 30 sec
Gear­box 4+1 speeds
Fuel con­sump­tion 6 liters/100 km in city
Fuel tank 30 liters
Fuel type Ai-93 gaso­line
Max speed 120 km/h

Lenght 3200 mm
Width 1420 mm
Height 1400 mm
Wheel­base 2180 mm
Ground clear­ance 150 mm
Turn­ing radius 4600 mm

Cerb weight 635 kg
Gross weight 975 kg

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  1. What is the story behind another Russian car that went by the Oka name in 1956?

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