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Produced 1966-1972. Some modifications for disabled people were produced until 1973. First prototype was already made in 1961.

Its successor of ZAZ-965.  It has new body and instead of Fiat 600 it now looks like Chevrolet Corvair. Also it has now famous “ears” in both sides in the rear. These are air intakes for air cooled rear engine.

At first the model name was ZAZ-966V. It had old engine from ZAZ-965 but the main version ZAZ-966 had new more powerful 41hp engine.

Engine (MeZM-968)
Formula V4 rear mounted air cooled
Displacement 1,197  liters
Perfomance 40 hp @ 4400 rpm
Compression ratio 7,2:1
Fuel tank capacity 30 liters
Fuel type A-72, A-76
Gearbox 4+1 speeds
Top speed 100 km/h

Lenght 3730 mm
Width 1535 mm
Height 1370 mm
Wheelbase 2160 mm
Ground clearance 190 mm
Turning radius 5500 mm from front wheel
Track width 1220/1200 front/rear
Tyres 5,2-13

Cerb weight 740 kg
Gross weight 1040 kg


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