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Produced 1971-1978. Its pretty similar to ZAZ-966. It has the same engine. It has new front grille, different dashboard, better front breaks. Zaporozhets was the cheapest car in its time and it made a car available for many people. Of course you had to get the premit to buy a car etc. But still..

Wheels 4×2

Engine (MeZM-968)
Formula V4 rear mounted air cooled
Displacement 1,197  liters
Perfomance 40 hp @ 4400 rpm
Compression ratio 7,2:1
Fuel tank capacity 30 liters
Fuel type A-72, A-76
Gearbox 4+1 speeds
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 33,1 seconds
Top speed 118 km/h

Lenght 3730 mm
Width 1535 mm
Height 1370 mm
Wheelbase 2160 mm
Ground clearance 190 mm
Turning radius 5500 mm from front wheel
Track width 1220/1200 front/rear
Tyres 5,2-13

Cerb weight 780 kg
Gross weight 1060 kg



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  1. There is another ZAZ 968M model without ears and modern exterior and with changes inside the car. My family had all 3 Zaporozhets models, last one has been sold 5 years ago. All of them were in good technical condition, but it was hard to take care of several cars at a time. Now I’m missing them.

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