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Produced 1962-1970. Also known as “Yunost”. Modifications are ZIL-118M that was produced from 1965 and escort bus with more powerful ZIL-111 engine (7-liter 200 hp V8) that allows top speed of 160 km/h. Very few ZIL-118 buses were produced so its extremly rare, they were never really mass-produced.

In 1970 ZIL-118 was modernized and was assigned new name ZIL-118K (before that name it was named ZIL-119 for short amount of thime). Last known production of this car was in 1993 (there were years meanwhile where no copies were produced).

In 1995 enginers tried to once more put life into old bus but that didn’t go anywhere so for now the production of this bus is “complete”. The last version was named ZIL-32071.

During all thea years only 93 ZIL-118 modifcations were produced.

Wheels 4×2

Engine (ZIL-130)
Formula V8
Displacement 5,966  liters
Perfomance 150  hp @ 3200 r
Compression ratio 6,5:1
Fuel tank 160 liters
Top speed 120 km/h (160 km/h escort version)

Lenght 6840 mm
Width 2110 mm
Height 2067 mm
Wheel base 3760 mm
Ground clearance 205 mm

Curb weight 3320 kg
Max payload 18 passengers



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