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Produced 1965-? Actually it is a  ZIL-135 (BAZ-135) modification but its different enough to post it separately.  It is longer and fully amphibious version. Its interesting to note that for the first time the body was made of reinforced fiber-glass.

Wheels 8×8

Engine (2xUral-375 engines)

Formula V8
Displacement 14 liters (2×7)
Perfomance 360 HP (2×180)
Compression ratio 6,5:1
max speed 65 km/h (16km/h in water)
Fuel consumption 50-100 liters/100 km


Lenght 13800 mm
Width 2800 mm
Height  2530 mm
Wheelbase 6300  mm
Ground clearance 483 mm


Weight empty 11570 kg
Max payload 6000 kg

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