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Production started in 1952.  It was designed as bigger brother of GAZ-46. Its based on ZIS-151 truck. After newer ZIL-157 was introduced, the ZIS-485 was also modernized and named ZIL-485A.

Wheels 6×6, amphibious.

Engine (ZIS-123)

Formula straight 6 cylinders
Displacement 5,555
Compression ratio 6,0:1
max speed 60km/h
Fuel consumption 35 liters/100 km
Fuel tank 2x15o liters


Lenght 9540 mm
Width 2800 mm
Height  2660 mm
Wheelbase 4225mm
Ground clearance 1590/ 1720 mm front/rear
Turning radius 11 200mm
Tyres 8,25×20 inches


Cerb weight 7150 kg
Max payload 6000 kg



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