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GAZ-M-20 Pobeda

GAZ-M-20 Pobeda

GAZ-M-20 Pobeda

GAZ-M-20V Bobeda

GAZ-M-20V Pobeda

Produced 1946-1958. GAZ-M-20 is more known by name “Pobeda”. Total 235 997  units were produced from which 14 220 were cabriolettes.

Modifications over time. Firs experimental prototype was already built in 1944 but production didn’t start before 1946. After 2 years of production it was found that there was a design flaw in front axle — production was halted for few months. At first the gearbox handle was on the floor but in 1949 it was moved to the wheel. Meanwhile in 1948 cabriolet version was designed. It was built until 1953. In 1954 “Pobeda” received a face-lift (new radiator grill, instrumental panel, changed front bumper, radio was installed and also new carburetor with air filter). The face-lifted model was named GAZ-M-20V.

There is a four-wheel-drive version named GAZ-M-72 (1955-1958) and also few GAZ-M-20G -s were made with more powerful 6 cylinder engine. Also few pick-up trucks based on GAZ-M-20 were produced. I have no more information about that at the moment though.

Name “Pobeda” mean victory (name comes from the May of 1945 when Red Army won the war with Germany with unconditional surrender) in russian and M in model name is for Molotov.

“Pobeda” was also produced in Poland under licence. From 1951-1973 total 244 472 cars were produced there. In 1958 they redesigned the original “Pobeda” and from then this new modification was produced. During the production in Warszava, Poland, few more facelifts were done and from 1961 some versions received new engines.

Wheels 4×2

Formula 4 cylinder gasoline
Displacement 2,12  liters
Perfomance 52 hp @ 3600 rpm
Compression ratio 6,2:1
Fuel tank 55 liters
Fuel consumption 11 liters/100 km 50-60 km/h
Fuel type A-72
Gearbox 3+1 gears
Top speed 105 km/h

Lenght 4665 mm
Width 1895 mm
Height 1640 mm
Wheel base 2700 mm
Ground clearance 200/210 mm rear/front
Track width 1362/1364 mm rear/front
Turning radius 6300/6800 mm wheel/cerb
Tire size 6,00-16

Curb weight 1460 kg
Max payload 375 kg


  1. Just one important thing – the right name is Pobeda. In Russian, and in Bulgarian Victory means Pobeda, with “P”.

  2. Thanks, fixed!

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