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Moskvich-408 Tourist

Moskvich-408 Turist and regular Moskvich-408

Moskvich-408 Turist and regular Moskvich-408


This convertible version of Moskvich-408 was built in 1964. The idea was to built a representative 2+2 seat car. Although its based on Moskvich-408 almost entire body is new and even the engine was tuned up to 63 hp (it had experimental electronic fuel injection system) providing  top speed of 130 km/h. Only 2 prototypes were built from which one had also removable hard top.

The main idea was to build these cars for export but it wasn’t safe enough even for that time in most European countries so the project was unfortunately canceled. And I’m sorry to say that for now both of the prototypes are destroyd. Its a shame because for me personally its one ofthe most beautiful cars in Russia that time. Don’t you think so?

Wheels 4×2

Top speed 130 km/h
Acceleration 24 sec 0-100 km/h
Gearbox 4+1 sepeeds

Lenght 4100 mm
Width 1565 mm
Height 1343 mm

Cerb weight 962 kg


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