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Original NAMI-058

Original NAMI-058


NAMI-058T has V8 engine (instead of V12) and new cabin.

Produced 1960-1967. Wheels 8×8.

The designing process started in 1958 and the goal was to make a heavy missile carrier. For that many components were borrowed from other models like Ural-375, ZIL-164, MAZ-200.

For that time the truck had enormous engine – 38,9 liters with enormous torque of about 1275 Nm. The engine alone weights about a ton.

The truck was peresented to higher officials in 1961 but at that time they preferred ZIL-135 truck but they encouraged to improve the current NAMI-058 as well.

New improved truck was named NAMI-058T. The main differences are new cabin and more modern lighter turbo diesel engine JAMZ-238N (320 hp)

In the end of 1964 and beginning of 1965 the NAMI-058T was once more tested against other similar trucks (Ural-357D and KrAZ-214) and while it performed on par with these it was much more complex and more difficult to build

Engine (V-54T)
Formula V12 diesel
Displacement 38,9 liters
Perfomance 275 hp
Torque 1275 Nm
Gearbox 5 speed dry clutch manual
Fuel tanks total 400 liters (2 tanks)
Fuel consumption 50 l/100 km
Max speed fully loaded + 10 ton trailer 70 km/h on highway, 28 km/h offroad.

Wheelbase (between fron and rear wheel-pairs) 4200mm
Track width 1980 mm front, 2000 mm rear
Grount clearance 410 mm
Turning radius 11 meters

Curb weight 10 800 – 11 925 kg depending on modifications

Max climb angle 30 degrees
Max climb angle in snow 16 degrees

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