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ZIL-111 produced from 1959-1963 and ZIL-111G from 1963-1967. Styling of ZIL-111 was inspired of 50s Packard.

In 1963 car was restyled and model name was changed to ZIL-111G which was available as sedan and convertible. Front style now closely resembled Cadillac from 1961-1962. Dual unit taillights resembled and sixties Mercury.

Also a minibus version ZIL-118 was produced in small numbers.

Wheels 4×2

Engine (ZIL-111)
Formula  V8 gasoline
Power 200hp @ 4200 rpm
Displacement 5,98 liters
Compression ratio 9.0:1
Max speed 170 km/h
Gearbox automatic
Fuel tank 80/120 liters (ZIL-111/ZIL-111G)
Fuel consumption 19 liters/100 km (60 km/h)

Lenght 6137/6190 mm (ZIL-111/ZIL-111G)
Width 2033/2045 mm (ZIL-111/ZIL-111G)
Height 1637 mm
Wheelbase 3760 mm
Ground clearance 210 mm

Cerb weight 2610/2815  kg (ZIL-111/ZIL-111G)
Payload 520/525 kg (ZIL-111/ZIL-111G)


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