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ZIL-4906 Bluebird

ZIL-4906 Bluebird

ZIL-4906 Bluebird




Produced 1980-1991. About 20 “bluebirds” were built. Among other things it was used to search and transport landed astronauts. Both front and rear wheels steer. It has fiber-glass body. It has ability to reduce the airpressure in tyres to allow for better grip on some surfaces.

There were cargo version and also passenger carrier ZIL-49061.

Wheels 6×6.

2 different engines were used:
ZIL-508.10 V8 gasoline engine that has 150hp
ZIL-0550.30 diesel
Gearbox 5+1 speeds x 2
Top speed 80 km/h
Min steady speed 0,9 km/h
Top speed on water 9 km/h (there is number 13 in some sites but ZIL homepage says 8-9)
Top speed offroad and loaded 20 km/h
Mobility range 900 km

Lenght 9250 mm
Width 2480 mm
Height 2944 mm
Ground clearance 590 mm
Wheelbase 2400 mm / 2400 mm
Track width 2000 mm
Turning radius 10 000 mm

Cerb weight 9600-11 880 kg
Payload 3400 kg

Can overcome trench >1500 mm
2 water propellers

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