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Pro­duced 1939–1941 (1946–1952 it was pro­duced under name UralZis-21A). In 1952–1955 UralZIS pro­duced lit­tle bit mod­i­fied model Ural-352.

This truck is based on ZIS-5 but its pow­ered by gas gen­er­a­tor (fire­wood was used to power the car). Because of this it has low power and speed, it is dif­fi­cult to ser­vice and not so easy to start up. But because the lack of gaso­line in some north regions this truck was unsubstitutable.

Wheels 4×2

For­mula 6 cylin­der gas
Dis­place­ment 5,555 liters
Per­fo­mance 45 hp @ 2400 rpm
Gear­box 4 speeds
Top speed 45 km/h

Lenght 6090 mm
Width 2260 mm
Height 2260 mm
Wheel base 3810 mm
Ground clear­ance 245 mm

Cerb weight 3670 kg
Pay­load 2500 kg

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